When I was single I had three things a guy had to like have not done/do for me to even consider talking to them.
1. Didn’t party.
2. Never been I trouble with the law.
3. Actually had his license.
Two months later I met layne.
One month from now we’ll be together for two years. I finally met a guy worth my time.
He loves me for me and even when I hate him he gives me one look and I’m smiling again. Which makes me even More mad. I love him so much more then I ever thought was possible.
I always tried pushing him away because usually everyone leaves. But he stays. He stays through everything. He has my heart for life and I never want to lose him. He is my everything.
And that’s what true love is.
I currently live with him and I am so excited to see what our future holds. :-)

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